Friday, December 13, 2013

This morning Keith woke me up and said if you want to see something cute go look in Elizabeth's room. I crept to her door so I wouldn't disturb her. Elizabeth door was open just a crack and I peeked in to see her talking to Aven. "You're going to be a good mom and a good big sister when you grow up." "Let's get that lipstick off" (it was lipgloss) "Want to watch some Netflix and snuggle with me?"

Elizabeth told me that she got up to use the restroom and went to check on Aven upon finding her awake Elizabeth took her into her room to play. Adorable.


  1. You sure do have some darling girls. Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment. Those are the things we miss.

  2. I want to watch Netflix and cuddle!!!!

  3. And Aven is managing to pull off the "Castillo baby staring at the camera dazed and confused look" flawlessly. I think it must be something about the eye shape. And sure, you could say that "all babies do that", which I'm sure is true. But that last picture is 100% Castillo. You're raising some super awesome children, and adorable as all get out. Great job!